2014 Christmas Home Tour

When I joined Pinterest I was very excited to see “home tours”. I thought a home tour was getting in your car and driving around viewing the inside of other people’s decorated homes.  I have always loved them but now I see I can just look at their homes from my desktop.  So I am sharing my 2nd home tour with you this year, late again, but festive just the same.  While I normally would have my Christmas all tucked away until the following year, I left it up so I could sit and enjoy a day or two after … Continue reading 2014 Christmas Home Tour

Billie and Kay’s Longaberger Fall Open House and Home Tour

Billie and I returned this year from our convention, The Longaberger Bee, so excited to share the holiday line of baskets and pottery, so we met in Salt Lake City and held our annual fall open house with great food and Longaberger displays. Here is a stack of pumpkins from last fall and holding our catalogs is our new Khaki Check Pass Along basket. In our Social Gathering Basket is our 8 In One Pottery piece. Below is her entry table, she has such beautiful antiques, another photo shows her mantle with the retired Collectors Club ghosts. Below is our … Continue reading Billie and Kay’s Longaberger Fall Open House and Home Tour

It’s Officially Fall!

This is my absolute favorite time of year anywhere in the country. Everything is in beautiful colors and I know things will be calm for a few weeks until the big holidays hit. I love to travel and heading to Utah to host a fall open house to show off all the new Longaberger catalog items, Christmas baskets and wrought iron. The new sleigh is gorgeous and you can add the wooden reindeer for a beautiful table scape, it is so useful!  Check out my online catalog and flyer, so many fun new items.  The Khaki Check is back in … Continue reading It’s Officially Fall!

Happy Birthday America!

Please check out this Longaberger consultant’s blog, AnExtraordinaryDay.net, it has beautiful pictures and a great  story.  She was kind enough to let me share some photos with you.  I hope all of you have a  safe holiday together with family and friends. I love to visit other blogs to see what other consultants and collectors do with their Longaberger baskets and pottery or how they decorate for the holidays. Continue reading Happy Birthday America!

Time for the Red, White and Blue…

The company is gone and the termites have been dealt with, the carpet replaced with tile and the home office re-purposed into my craft room.  It was an ignored space for the most part and ended up being a catch all for anything that didn’t have a proper place.  That however, required re-purposing the original craft room.  Now that all that is somewhat organized, I can focus again on my love of Longaberger.   After all the Easter is put away, I love to feature my Americana baskets.  The cracker basket was the first basket purchased in 1993(prior post about that).  … Continue reading Time for the Red, White and Blue…

Bailey’s First Easter Basket

For years I have sold Longaberger Easter baskets to first time grandmas, well now it’s my turn.  I searched through the catalog to find the perfect size basket.  Not too high and deep and not too low so everything falls out.  It had to be big enough to hold a bunny and lots of fun goodies, but not too big so a toddler couldn’t handle it.  Well I found it, our Medium Essentials basket.  I love the unique shape and I was able to order it in pink and rich brown.  There are other colors too like turquoise, red and … Continue reading Bailey’s First Easter Basket

It is Officially Spring

I love the new Mother’s Day basket 2014.  I will probably get this for my office, I have a lot of pink in there since it is also my Horizon of Hope collection room. I know most of you are more than ready for spring.  It has been spring in Phoenix since November, really, we had a couple of cold days and then it has been beautiful.  January was actually hot at 88 most of the time.  I am now enjoying a little bit cooler weather for a few days but not for long.  Open up those windows and let … Continue reading It is Officially Spring